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An innovative DPO turning an industry on its head.

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The Challenge

MB2 Dental, an innovative Dental Partnership Organization, is on a mission to disrupt an entire industry. According to them, many U.S. dentists are faced with a limiting choice: practice alone or join a faceless corporate DSO. MB2 Dental is staking a claim on their profession with a dentist-led alternative: offer dentists everything they love about private practice with all the benefits of a shared services group. While they were starting to hit their stride, they needed a marketing partner to pull the pieces together to continue their unprecedented growth.

Photo by: Zoomhum & MB2 Dental

The Result

Working closely with MB2 Dental’s executive marketing team, we developed and executed a radical multichannel marketing strategy. This included deep target audience research and a new digital marketing strategy including: ad creation, ad management, graphic design, landing pages, brand story narrative, A/B testing, PPC, and CRM integration and automation. Through careful management and monthly funnel optimization, we’re helping this rough and tumble Texas DPO empower America’s dentists to take back their profession.

Photos by: Zoomhum & MB2 Dental

  • Sessions +97% +97%
  • New Visitor Sessions +63% +63%
  • New Contacts +100% +100%

Average Daily MQLs


New Partner Growth


Post Engagement YOY

What the Client Received

Spearheading their corporate digital strategy across multiple agencies and platforms formed the core of our agency responsibilities. We’ve worked hard to align all corporate marketing efforts, providing actionable insights to MB2’s marketing executives. Sometimes, large-scale lead generation strategies targeting diverse audiences in diverse locations can descend into chaos. Not this time. We succeeded in wrangling a fragmented digital strategy into a multichannel lead-generation machine, dramatically increasing new qualified contacts and igniting new partner growth.


Landing Page Design

Custom-designed landing pages complete with wireframes and UX mock-ups.


Project Management

Multichannel, multi-agency account management and project coordination across three timezones.



Research and copy segmentation for four national audience segments and state-specific audiences across social media, email, and PPC.


Digital Marketing

Multichannel inbound/outbound marketing strategies, Hubspot CRM integration, lead nurturing, and real-time data visualization.

Photos by: Zoomhum & MB2 Dental

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