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Every new Atomivox marketing project begins with a site and strategy audit. Before we start setting goals, we need to understand what we’re working with.

A few weeks ago, during a new customer onboarding, we were asked to audit a freshly-designed business website, created by another agency. After months of working and tweaking, our customer was set to unveil the final result and start selling.

Cue *Drum Roll…*


The look was clean and modern. However, that’s where the advantages stopped. What was supposed to be an e-commerce website was lacking fundamental sales elements — no calls to action, item descriptions, sales funnel, or UX strategy. There was simply nothing on the website to encourage a buyer to, you know, buy

The more we reviewed, the more it became clear our customer had made the mistake that many businesses make. She bought into a design, not a business tool. Somehow, the glaring fact that the site should sell never came up. The sad result was a total expectation mismatch — a nicely designed website with no strategic value to her business.

Why did this happen?

In this particular case, the agency delivered what she wanted, but our client never articulated what she needed. It wasn’t until she had a fully designed, but useless website that it dawned on her: her website and sales expectations were worlds apart.

Ten Questions To Realign Expectations

Is your website providing for your business what you expect? Are you getting leads, inquiries, interest, comments, and sales? If not, why not? Could it be that you’re expecting something your site wasn’t designed to give? (even if it is beautiful!) 

You may need to realign expectations. 

Here are ten simple questions you can ask to articulate your website goals better. How you answer will determine whether the tools you have are what your business needs to grow.

Have your website open on your computer? Got your pen and paper?

Here we go:

  1. What do we expect our website to achieve for our company?
  2. Do we have clear, measurable goals written down? What are they?
  3. Do we have the proper tools in place to track whether we’re achieving our goals?
  4. Are our digital assets, e.g., brand, website, and collateral, helping or hindering us in hitting our targets?
  5. Would a new visitor, utterly unfamiliar with our company understand what we do in 5 seconds or less?
  6. Does our website explain what we do so that even a 12-year-old could understand?
  7. Have we made it clear what we want visitors to do on our website?
  8. Is it easy for someone to get in contact, find us, or access the information vital to them?
  9. Is our site easy to navigate regardless of which device a visitor is using?
  10. Does our site add unnecessary friction or frustration to our visitors getting what they want?

If your site isn’t performing to your expectations, it may be time to redefine what you want. Depending on your answers, you may need to start fresh with a new website and strategy.

Remember, you get out of your website and marketing strategy what you put in. Use these ten questions to reframe what you want from your digital tools and then adjust accordingly. 

Need a website to get you where you want to go? We know the right questions to ask. Contact our sales team and let’s start the conversation.

Unrealistic Website Expectations — 10 Simple Questions to Ask
Kevin Mullins
September 04, 2019