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One of our favorite things at Atomivox is giving a client’s worn-out brand, some TLC. Earlier this year we partnered with a local insurance company to give the brand a 21st century facelift. We’re working on several other exciting brand concepts right now and we can’t wait to share them with you. We didn’t even spare our own Atomivox brand from a refresh.

Rebranding can be a great way to boost your business, reach new customers, and put the competition on notice. However, renovating or redesigning your brand is not without obstacles. Even if you organize everything correctly and get a brand design you love, you can still face choppy waters.

Rebrand Rule #1: you will never please everyone. 

No matter how hard you try, someone somewhere isn’t going to like it. Just ask Slack. Earlier this year, Slack unveiled its new brand identity, including a refresh of its well-known brand mark. 

The backlash from Twitter was relentless:

Gallons of ink have already been spilled on the Slack controversy. Here and here. So we won’t rehash it. It just goes to show that even a Silicon Valley unicorn and a brand redesigned by Pentagram can still take some heat.

Rebrand Rule #2: Sometimes, a brand redesign isn’t wise.

Three Reasons Not To Rebrand

1) Your Sales Are Down

No one likes seeing their numbers drop. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you know that growth isn’t always “up and to the right.” Some months are plain ugly. 

Sales are down.
Churn is up.
Employees are getting anxious.

When we’re staring at weak numbers, it’s easy to panic. We start hunting for scapegoats and low hanging fruit. It can be tempting to believe that a “simple” brand refresh will open the flood gates. But, even a well-run brand refresh has its hiccups. It may eventually influence sales, but a change in growth rarely happens overnight.

Remember, a brand is more than a logo. It’s the way people feel when they think about you. Redoing your brand during a down period is a surefire way to lock-in a lousy vibe. Our advice: wait until the funk has cleared, and things are looking up. You’ll feel better about the result when you’re gazing at the horizon, not staring into the abyss. 

2) Your Competition Does A Rebrand

FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out.

We all dread being left out and left behind. A competitor just dropped a brand refresh?! Quick! Scramble some ad-hoc ideas together and get something, anything out the door!

Bad idea.

No one but your competitor knows why they redesigned their brand. Did they rush something out due to lagging sales? How long were they working on it? What will the market’s reaction be? These are questions you can’t answer when you’re standing on the outside looking in.

Redesigning your brand based on comparisons is a risky game. Instead of focusing on the things that make you unique, comparisons trap you into concentrating on your competition — making you reactionary and desperate instead of methodical and deliberate. 

Redo your brand when it makes sense for your company and strategy, not your competition’s.

3) Your Design Style Changes

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, design styles are continually evolving. Come January 1, this year’s popular ideas will have been replaced by something new. What you like today will probably change tomorrow. Proceeding with a rebrand based on shifting personal tastes can lead to disastrous consequences for your company and your marketing strategy. Just ask the Gap.

How do you balance adding design elements based on personal taste? Cautiously. Individual preferences are fine, but bad things happen when you let your ideas replace a solid design based around your company mission and strategy.

Trends come and go. That’s why there are experienced professionals to guide you through the brand redesign process. We are skilled at revealing your unique attributes and embedding them into a timeless style that will serve you for years to come. The last thing you want to do is base your brand design on what’s trending.

Before you know it, it’ll have changed, and you’ll be stuck with a costly mistake.

Is it time to refresh your brand and your digital strategy? Talk to us. We’ll help you develop something that will make you proud and help you grow.

Is Rebranding A Good Idea? (and 3 Reasons Why Its Not)
Kevin Mullins
September 19, 2019